COVID19 – Spain Confinement Day 38

MADRID  Tuesday April 21 2020.  Confinement lockdown day 38   

#coronavirus #covid19 #SARSCOV2

Cases: 204,178 or 205,602 – Deaths: 21,282 (or 25,571  ICU: nd  Recovered: 82,514 – aCFR: 10.4 % Source: Nº 82 – MinSANIDAD SPAIN

Interventions: Relaxed confinement (non-essential activities permitted). No curfews. Intensive testing announced and not yet deployed.


AA.  The official data continues with significant discrepancies concerning the number of lives lost. The official number of 21,282.

BB. The Minister of Education is reported from a live interview on TV to say “we cannot accept negative messages” thus appearing to justify censorship enforcement by law enforcement.

CC. An independent study, “GRID” has ranked multiple countries on their COVID19 Government responses and situated Spain in position 95 of 95, i.e. bottom of the list. Source:

== COVID19 reference portal here:

== Stay safe, stay at home.


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