COVID19 — Spain Lockdown Day 64

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MADRID  Monday May 18 , 2020.  Confinement Lockdown Day 65   

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Cases: 231,606 – Lives lost: 27,709 (or 38,588 says –  Source: #109 MinSANIDAD SPAIN


AA: Regional governments have been refused access to the data used to decide in which phase of de-escalation each region should be.

BB: The Health Ministry has “erased” a technical report data March 6th, alerting of the COVID19 risks, in particular for its “extremely high contagiousness”  just 2 days before massive gathering promoted by the minority Sanchez government. However, journalised recovered the postings from archiving sites. (

CC: Street protests with clamours of “Freedom” and “Government Resign” are appearing all over the territory.  (

DD: As the Bank of Spain announced a worsening of the GDP drop to the range of [9.5 – 12.4]%, the central government increased its staff, in the already bloated administration. (

EE: The audits just released by the “Tribunal de Cuentas” uncovered 9,000 million euros of “error” from the Sanchez Governement period. (

FF: An official document from a major public hospital details the refusal to admit residences from elderly care homes. (

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S: = source

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