COVID19 – Spain Lockdown Day 68

MADRID  Thursday May 21, 2020.  Confinement Lockdown Day 68   

#coronavirus #covid19 #SARSCOV2

Cases: unknown  – Lives lost: unknown (gov data incomplete) – Source: #112 MinSANIDAD SPAIN


AA: The minority coalition government had the 15-day state of alarm extension passed by a slim margin. The major opposition parties voted “NO” give the institutional abuses committed under the measure.

BB: Former president Aznar expressed pessimism on the future of Spain, given the crises and the current government of “ an irresponsable accompanied by Chavistas, communists and separatists”.

CC: Riot police has deployed in the southern suburbs of Madrid following leftist gang attacks on peaceful “caceroladas” protestors

DD: A Governement crisis just erupted following a leaked agreement between the coalition parties (PSOE & Podemos) and BILDU, the party issued from terrorist group ETA

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