COVID19 — Spain Lockdown Day 73

MADRID  Tuesday May 26, 2020.  Confinement Lockdown Day 73   

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Lives lost: 39.002 (source:


AA: The government coronavirus count is raising doubts. The number of fatalities was reduced by 2000 inexplicably.

BB: The senior commander of the Guardia Civil in charge of the judicial investigation on alleged imprudent homicide by government members, was ordered by the Interior Minister to surrender his unit’s investigation report, even though it was under seal by the investigating magistrate. After he refused, the Interior Minister dismissed him for “loss of confidence”.  In sign of protest against this purge, the senior General of the Guardia Civil resigned.

CC: The Health Ministry is reported to have changed several COVID19 reports, removing author names and other data, in an apparent attempt to remove evidence of clear knowledge of infection risk prior to the March 6th mass events, a matter now under court investigation.

DD: It was revealed that 38.000 retired persons have “disappeared”, i.e. no longer collect their monthly state pensions. 

So it appears that trustable data is no longer available in Spain about COVID19 victims. On the other hand, there is a daily lot of scandals involving public servants that, in other areas, would have led to massive resignations. So far, only a top general of the Guardia Civil resign, in protest, against government interference in a judicial investigation.

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