Customer-centric Amazon; really Jeff?

Amazon logistics – anecdote from a **real** customer experience, not corporate PowerPoint slides.

Jeff Bezos can bring you to outer space but his company appears to struggle to bring us a box from an Italian manufacturer to our Spain lake house in the madrid province, and keep the customer informed.

Here is the event log:

6 Jan 2023 – order placed in Amazon app. My credit card gets a 299 euros charge.
Delivery date promised is “any time between 12 to 24 Jan from 9 to 10 pm”

17 Jan 2023 – transportation company calls and says we come tomorrow Wednesday. I explain we shall not be there, can you come on Friday? Yes, confirmed, thanks.

20 Jan 2023 – Friday so we drive 90km to the lake house to receive the delivery from Amazon. Once arrived I check the Amazon delivery status and see no indication that transport is enroute. I check for missed calls just in case and no one called.

Si I call back the delivery company to investigate and gave the Amazon tracking reference. They say no such delivery exist. I give the full details they still can’t find anything and tell me to ask the seller.

Contacting the seller soon became a waste of time as the method is a bot driven chat and it is so restricted that there was no way to explain the actual customer situación and need.

Called back the delivery company again indicating that amazon says delivery by Fercam. They pass me to another department. The new person repeats they don’t have any shipment matching the amazon shipment ID number. With more info they scrape their database and finally find a pending delivery that corresponds to my order and give me a different tracking number of only 6 digits adding that this is not theirs but Dascher Madrid. What is the in phone number ? It’s 916606566.

Calling 916606566, Dascher logistics announcements in Spanish and English then line is cut. Repeat same deal and line is cut again. Third time again same.

Called back Dascher Barcelona, explain the failure and they give me another number 916606677.

Calling 916606677 “the number does not exists”

Called back Dascher Barcelona again again and explain the latest fail and they give me yet another number for madrid office 916606500

Calling 916606500, after announcements I select customer service and finally they inform me that the agreed delivery for Friday today will not happen because the truck is broken

Can you send it with another truck?

No only one truck is assigned for amazon delivery in the zone and it is broken.

Why did you not call me so that I did not drive 90km to the lake house for nothing?
No answer.

We can only deliver your shipment next monday.


Then came Monday. The driver shows up, brings the boxes inside the house (thank you!) and answers about the “broken truck”. “No no, we did not have any broken truck. On Fridays we never do this routing, this is why it is delivered today, Monday.”


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