COVID19 – Spain Confinement Day 52

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MADRID  Tuesday May 5, 2020.  Confinement Lockdown Day 52   

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Cases: 219,329 – Deaths: 25,613 (or 36,106  Recovered: 123,486 –  Source: 96 MinSANIDAD SPAIN


AA: The worst ever unemployment data has been published: 5,2 million people.

BB: 43,325 healthcare workers have now been infected, says EL PAIS. (See also TIME magazine article)

CC: Investigative journalists have published official documents showing the Health Ministry’s public procurement for 313 million euros to companies with “unknown address”

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COVID19 – Spain Confinement Day 47

MADRID  Thursday April 30, 2020.  Confinement Lockdown Day 47   

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Cases: 213,435 – Deaths: 24,543 (or 34,924  Recovered: 112,050 –  Source: Nº 91 – MinSANIDAD SPAIN

Interventions: Relaxed confinement (non-essential activities permitted).


AA.  The national data reports 24,543 lives lost.

BB. As far as Spain is concerned the “When Will COVID-19 End” models from Singapore University of Technology and Design (STUD) give the following outcomes:

End 97% on May 2nd 2020

End 99% on May 13th 2020

End 100% on August 2nd 2020

CC. Unemployed are now representing 37% of the active population.

DD. First quarter GDP is down 5,2%.

CC. Following the altered reporting of Spain’s number of tests by the OECD, new allegations of traffic of influence between the current Government and OECD Secretary General Angel Gurria have been published

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 20200430-SPAIN 🇪🇸 Deaths vs. Change of Deaths -2