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What happens when your Smart Car becomes deaf and blind

While checking my Home Assistant status, oh “horror”, I see that my “VolvoCar” requires reconfiguration.

So I reconfigure and result is a FAIL.

Next I go to the VolvoCar app and signin as usual. Result is also a FAIL.

So final step was to call the Volvo-On-Call service and they acknowledge a server failure:

“When do you expect service to be back up?”


“Do you have a backup system in the meantime?”


“Have you been hacked?”

“We don’t know”

All in all this is not a great confidence inspiring performance….


fitbit, next

The fitbit intelligent podometer device is a great concept because it offers a bundle of functionalities that completely frees you from the chores of record keeping of (most of) your activities. No more keyboard time or paper and pencil record keeping time, the fitbit reports all your displacements along the 3 coordinates it measures. Great for autoreporting energy spending.


However, there is one key part missing, which is the logging of the energy intake. In line with the “no manual data entry” philosophy, fitbit should expand the iOS app to allow taking a single snapshot of the plate or glass you are about to ingest to compute kilocalories in. This way you avoid any manual data entry, get those image recognition algorithms some work to do, resulting in a complete bundle of health functionality in the fitbit.

And while working on improvements, adding a safety leash loop and positive latch security to the belt clip would take care of the main physical design drawback, making the fitbit actually fully fit for its purpose that is to stay attached to the moving body it is monitoring!