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What happens when your Smart Car becomes deaf and blind

While checking my Home Assistant status, oh “horror”, I see that my “VolvoCar” requires reconfiguration.

So I reconfigure and result is a FAIL.

Next I go to the VolvoCar app and signin as usual. Result is also a FAIL.

So final step was to call the Volvo-On-Call service and they acknowledge a server failure:

“When do you expect service to be back up?”


“Do you have a backup system in the meantime?”


“Have you been hacked?”

“We don’t know”

All in all this is not a great confidence inspiring performance….


GE by Samsung AC repair – no remote response

Problem Statement
GE split AC, manufactured by Samsung, no longer responds to remote. Only switches on/off with pushbutton on internal unit.
– AS1AH09 model
Route cause determination
1. Remote check: batteries ok, LED IR seen as flashing fine (used Photo Booth on iMac)
2. *** SAFETY WARNING *** Always turnoff power when working on electrical eqt *** AT YOUR OWN RISK ***
– Remove filter cover
– Remove access plate (1 screw)
– Verify power – OK
– Turn off power
– Remove cover (3 screws at lower side, unsnap upper side)
– Visual inspection
– Fuse OK (main board)
3. Swap RAC Samsung board for GE (holds the IR receiver “IRM01”)
4. Works ok with swap board from working AC -> faulty RAC Samsung board

5. Troubleshoot board
– Find the D01 (1N4148) is shorted

Chosen solution
1. Replace D01 with new 1N4148 (cost 0.009)

2. Test OK!
NB. An AC spares service quoted EUR 190 + vat = Eur 224 or $302!! for a new RAC Samsung for GE
RAC pcb reference info found
– IMR01 IM receiver “Module Remocon” is Panasonic PNA4612MOOHB
– DO1 is 1N4148
– R01-03 470 ohms, 0.25W, 5%