COVID19 – Spain Lockdown Day 63


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MADRID  Saturday May 16, 2020.  Confinement Lockdown Day 63   

#coronavirus #covid19 #SARSCOV2

Cases: 230,698 – Lives lost: 27,563 –  Source: #107 MinSANIDAD SPAIN


AA: Madrid and Barcelona have remained at “phase 0” (out of 4 phases) while most of the country has moved to phase 1 of the de-escalation. The motives of the “secret” COVID19 committees have not been communicated.

BB: Having been in contact with a Covid19 family member, we requested tests but were denied, without explanation.

CC: Following the 14-day quarantine announced by Spain for foreign visitors, France has reciprocated against all travellers originating from Spain. Meanwhile, Italy will reopen its borders from June 3rd, without any quarantine.

DD: The street protests against the central government, that were initiated in a posh district of the capital, have spread nation-wide, without major incidents

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