Schlumberger and SLB

There is an adage that “when you don’t know what to do, just reorganize“.

New colors, logos, name changes do not add much real value per se, and could be a distraction from more fundamental unresolved problems.

I hope my worries are unfounded and that there is a sound and actionable strategy at hand to deal with the enormous challenges at play. Someone show us, please.

There have been some strategy blunders in the past, some may remember the lingering “Fairchild syndrome” so one may not be out-of-line in seeking to understand if current strategy will deliver.

And indeed SLB was always the shorthand for Schlumberger and its NYSE stock symbol.


Node-RED 2.2: It looks like serialport didn’t compile properly

Living dangerously… upgrading Node-RED to version 2.2.2 brought me a few surprises. But, all is well and smooth now.

Starting point – I was running on an OrangePiPC2 Node-RED 1.6 with node version 8. As the UI started to become sluggish, I thought an upgrade to version 2 would be a good idea.

I stopped node-red with the usual node-red-stop command and issued my usual
npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red node-red-admin and after execution, opened the browser at the usual URL for node-red and …. nothing. Reviewing the log, it was full of ERROR and WARNING messages.

Google is your friend – and the friend told me to update node. So it gave me a number of solution for each problem in turn. The final working ones are in the following list:

Node-RED not running after update – update Node

  • Node-RED not running after update – update Node
  • rbe node errors – go to .node-red/node_modules and npm remove node-red-node-rbe
  • Tasmota node not working – reconfigure the MQTT server details
  • serialport didn’t compile properly – upgrade to node 16 using the script from which is
bash <(curl -sL --node16


RTFM from, in particular this page and when using the parameter –node16 on a OrangePi, you should be at the desired point fairly quickly.

uses a file type that is blocked from opening in this version

Screenshot 2022-04-14 at 12.27.33When clicking on old .doc microsoft Word files on the MAC, in this case an iMac 27 5K running macOS Big Sur v11.6.5, a message “[filename] uses a file type that is blocked from opening in this version” may appear. This can be annoying.  If you click on the link there is a suggestion from microsoft that the Word version does not have the latest update. However, I found the following workaround to work ok:

1. upload the file to google drive
2. then open it and download it in the odt format
3. open the odt file  with Word on the mac and save it as docx.

Alternatively the following method also works

1. upload the file to google drive 
2. then open it and save as a google docs
3. open the google doc and download as a .docx
4. open the docx on the Mac to verify.


COVID19 — Spain Lockdown Day 73

MADRID  Tuesday May 26, 2020.  Confinement Lockdown Day 73   

#coronavirus #covid19 #SARSCOV2

Lives lost: 39.002 (source:


AA: The government coronavirus count is raising doubts. The number of fatalities was reduced by 2000 inexplicably.

BB: The senior commander of the Guardia Civil in charge of the judicial investigation on alleged imprudent homicide by government members, was ordered by the Interior Minister to surrender his unit’s investigation report, even though it was under seal by the investigating magistrate. After he refused, the Interior Minister dismissed him for “loss of confidence”.  In sign of protest against this purge, the senior General of the Guardia Civil resigned.

CC: The Health Ministry is reported to have changed several COVID19 reports, removing author names and other data, in an apparent attempt to remove evidence of clear knowledge of infection risk prior to the March 6th mass events, a matter now under court investigation.

DD: It was revealed that 38.000 retired persons have “disappeared”, i.e. no longer collect their monthly state pensions. 

So it appears that trustable data is no longer available in Spain about COVID19 victims. On the other hand, there is a daily lot of scandals involving public servants that, in other areas, would have led to massive resignations. So far, only a top general of the Guardia Civil resign, in protest, against government interference in a judicial investigation.

== COVID19 reference portal here:

COVID19 – Spain Lockdown Day 68

MADRID  Thursday May 21, 2020.  Confinement Lockdown Day 68   

#coronavirus #covid19 #SARSCOV2

Cases: unknown  – Lives lost: unknown (gov data incomplete) – Source: #112 MinSANIDAD SPAIN


AA: The minority coalition government had the 15-day state of alarm extension passed by a slim margin. The major opposition parties voted “NO” give the institutional abuses committed under the measure.

BB: Former president Aznar expressed pessimism on the future of Spain, given the crises and the current government of “ an irresponsable accompanied by Chavistas, communists and separatists”.

CC: Riot police has deployed in the southern suburbs of Madrid following leftist gang attacks on peaceful “caceroladas” protestors

DD: A Governement crisis just erupted following a leaked agreement between the coalition parties (PSOE & Podemos) and BILDU, the party issued from terrorist group ETA

== COVID19 reference portal here:

COVID19 — Spain Lockdown Day 64

Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 22.29.14

MADRID  Monday May 18 , 2020.  Confinement Lockdown Day 65   

#coronavirus #covid19 #SARSCOV2

Cases: 231,606 – Lives lost: 27,709 (or 38,588 says –  Source: #109 MinSANIDAD SPAIN


AA: Regional governments have been refused access to the data used to decide in which phase of de-escalation each region should be.

BB: The Health Ministry has “erased” a technical report data March 6th, alerting of the COVID19 risks, in particular for its “extremely high contagiousness”  just 2 days before massive gathering promoted by the minority Sanchez government. However, journalised recovered the postings from archiving sites. (

CC: Street protests with clamours of “Freedom” and “Government Resign” are appearing all over the territory.  (

DD: As the Bank of Spain announced a worsening of the GDP drop to the range of [9.5 – 12.4]%, the central government increased its staff, in the already bloated administration. (

EE: The audits just released by the “Tribunal de Cuentas” uncovered 9,000 million euros of “error” from the Sanchez Governement period. (

FF: An official document from a major public hospital details the refusal to admit residences from elderly care homes. (

== COVID19 reference portal here:

S: = source

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COVID19 – Spain Lockdown Day 63


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MADRID  Saturday May 16, 2020.  Confinement Lockdown Day 63   

#coronavirus #covid19 #SARSCOV2

Cases: 230,698 – Lives lost: 27,563 –  Source: #107 MinSANIDAD SPAIN


AA: Madrid and Barcelona have remained at “phase 0” (out of 4 phases) while most of the country has moved to phase 1 of the de-escalation. The motives of the “secret” COVID19 committees have not been communicated.

BB: Having been in contact with a Covid19 family member, we requested tests but were denied, without explanation.

CC: Following the 14-day quarantine announced by Spain for foreign visitors, France has reciprocated against all travellers originating from Spain. Meanwhile, Italy will reopen its borders from June 3rd, without any quarantine.

DD: The street protests against the central government, that were initiated in a posh district of the capital, have spread nation-wide, without major incidents

== COVID19 reference portal here:

S: = source


COVID19 – Spain Confinement Day 62

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MADRID  Friday May 15, 2020.  Confinement Lockdown Day 62   

#coronavirus #covid19 #SARSCOV2

Cases: 230,183 – Lives lost: 27,459 –  Source: #106 MinSANIDAD SPAIN


AA: “Inundate the street with riot police” appears to be the PM Sanchez response to peaceful protests against government COVID19 handling. (

BB: Renault appears to prepare moving fabrication of the Captur and Kadjar out of Spain (S:

CC: The shutdown of the Nissan factory in Barcelona appears to be decided. (

DD: So far no aid for the tourism sector, unlike in the rest of Europe (

== COVID19 reference portal here:

S: = source

COVID19 – Spain Confinement Day 61

MADRID  Thursday May 14, 2020.  Confinement Lockdown Day 61   

#coronavirus #covid19 #SARSCOV2

Cases: – Lives lost:  Recovered:    Source: #105 MinSANIDAD SPAIN


There are 50,088 health workers infected, nearly 22% of the infections reported.

The government has issued 944,665 fines but only 842,550 tests since the sat of alarm. (S:

The EU disclosed that only Spain has not used ordinary legislative instruments to face the COVID19 crisis (

IESE professor Luis Huete published a comparative study: Spain is in the worst position in terms of saving lives and the economy (see graph attached).

== COVID19 reference portal here:

S: = source


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COVID19 – Spain Confinement Day 60

Update 60

MADRID  Wednesday May 13, 2020.  Confinement Lockdown Day 60   

#coronavirus #covid19 #SARSCOV2

Cases: 228,691 – Deaths: 27.104 – Recovered: 140,823 –  Source: #104 MinSANIDAD SPAIN


AA: The first study conducted by the Health Ministry to estimate the immunity was released today with a result of 5% (of the population with antibodies).

BB: Political tensions escalated, yet again, in parlement. 

CC: Social tension moved from the balconies to the street.

== COVID19 reference portal here:

S: = source