Is radio dead?

Well not quite, and radio gurus are incorporating internet technology and other networking standards in clever ways


Young old youtuber

As is obvious I have not been very active on this blog. However, I found more rewarding using and growing my know-how in making short films on youtube about various subjects that I stumble upon. You can find it at YouTube channel LEMD49. Each piece is a learning experience either in acquision of the stills or video, in recording sound, finding accompanying music themes and editing with FCPX Final Cut Pro.  Though the most challenging is trying to communicate something useful or interesting or thought provoking

Have a look and if you can leave a comment on the channel.

Amazing chart

In this amazing chart, we can deduce and discover that more people worldwide speak Javanese than French, more people speak Spanish or Hindi than Arabic.

I am always keen to find clever graphics and this one, made by Alberto Lucas Lopez for the SCMP newspaper in Hong Kong, is, I think, remarkable.

Now, a really good graphical representation should be one that transmits in a split second some key messages that would normally take several paragraphs of written text to convey.  In the case of the World of Languages below, there is clearly that split-second first message impact from looking at the big circle areas. However, if you keep observing this rich work you can observe quite a few surprising facts that have been condensed from an abundance of data. Nice work indeed.